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We help local businesses grow.

Kiwano Marketing is a full-service sustainable marketing agency for local businesses.

Born in Vancouver and with a presence in Lisbon and Geneva, the company was founded in 2009 by Sofia Ribeiro Morelle to promote the adoption of sustainable business practices and lifestyles.

Whether you need to revamp your digital presence or run an offline campaign, we’ll design the best program for you to achieve the results you need –  in the most efficient way.

Kiwano won Canada's Green Award in 2010, and we're carbon-negative since 2021.

our values & skills
planet and community,
hand-in-hand with business

we provide the same quality of service as large agencies, but in a sustainable way and with a more personalized touch.


local, impact-driven, environmentally responsible and socially-conscious, always.

we can get you a website in 1 week. Contact us to know how.
no fuss
no bureaucracy, no formal treatment. We aim for results, efficiency, speed and a great deal of personalization.
Easy to get
down-to-Earth language, all concepts are adapted in a way that our clients can “get it.”
full transparency
on pricing, deadlines, challenges, and on everything that we do.
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tracey morsella Kiwano Marketing sustainable marketing referral
Tracey de Morsella
The Green Economy Post

Sofia is an absolute pleasure to work with. She’s smart, resourceful and her work ethic is nothing short of commendable. Sofia’s an expert in sustainable marketing, and she can translate any concept into an easy, compelling argument that everyone understands. We’re proud to feature her articles at The Green Economy Post.

Dan Chalmers kiwano marketing sustainable marketing referral
Dan Chalmers
Stanley Park Ecology Society

Sofia has been nothing but generous with her time, advice and energy. She has helped the Society further develop and maximize its marketing and communications potential through targeted and measurable strategies. She is a pleasure to work with.

Rob Siegmund

ZOLD is thrilled to be working with Sofia and Kiwano Marketing. The marketing landscape is littered with ‘green’ professionals, but we were very impressed with and ultimately swayed by Sofia’s passion to the industry and commitment to our like-minded ideals. I am very confident that Sofia and Kiwano are perfect to assist us in creating a brand that Canadians will grow to know and trust in the months and years to come.

Mike_Kanasoot kiwano marketing sustainable marketing referral
Michael Kanasoot

Sofia is extremely productive and demonstrates a great deal of initiative. She spear-headed many projects that improved our product positioning. These include a business plan detailing how to penetrate a new market, and an industry association membership that is delivering an exceptional return. I admire her work ethic and enthusiasm.

david_olinger kiwano marketing sustainable marketing
David Olinger

Sofia Ribeiro is doing a great job in the sustainable marketing realm with Kiwano Marketing. Sustainable marketing is not a fad to them; they are highly accountable, and practice what they preach. Kiwano is a vibrant and resourceful firm, and will be extremely successful in the years ahead.

Elizabeth Garlow Kiwano Marketing sustainable marketing referral
Elizabeth Garlow

Sofia led an excellent webinar as part of my company’s educational series on sustainable business practices.

Mark Pivon

Sofia is someone who is always on the cusp of marketing trends, able to propose and execute new and fresh ideas that deliver results.

Zak Rhajiak

It seems cliche, but Sofia is truly a dedicated professional, and commits herself completely to the project at hand. She is open to feedback and understands the relationship of marketing and sales. She has an ability to bring together various departments and present a customer-centric marketing approach. I would recommend Sofia to any organization looking to sharpen their marketing messaging.

Ratko Kiwano Marketing sustainable marketing referral
Ratko Ivanović

I had the utmost pleasure of working with Sofia directly. I’ve never worked with someone so results-driven, with a proactive and professional attitude. Always pushing for the extra mile, while at the same staying positive and supportive of her team members. Can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed both seeing her work and working with her.

Megan Battersby kiwano marketing sustainable marketing referral
Megan Battersby

Working with Sofia is always pleasant. She is very motivated and driven to providing quality results. Sofia brought much insight to the marketing team. With always a smile on her face, I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Jeremiah Carag Kiwano Marketing sustainable marketing referral
Jeremiah Carag

A creative and very passionate person, Sofia is an expert with multi-tasking as she simultaneously handles multiples projects with care and diligence. She always comes up with the best ideas and well executed projects amidst cost and time constraints.

Gurpreet Banwait Kiwano Marketing sustainable marketing referral
Gurpreet Banwait

Sofia was hired about 3 weeks prior to the product launch and helped create and release all marketing collateral within a very short period of time. The content is some of the best messaging that I have seen. I was confident in her abilities to generate ideas and coordinate with the various teams to get the work done. She is a person who has high energy, is very organized and dedicated to the job at hand. I would work with Sofia again in the future.

andrew_markazi kiwano marketing sustainable marketing
Andrew Markazi

Sofia is a smart, international, high energy and results-oriented marketing manager. She has a very strong work ethic. Once she has helped her client to define a strategy and a segment, she fully dedicates herself to the execution of the plan, which is by far her strongest point. I highly recommend Sofia to any decision maker who is looking for results fast and is working in a high energy fast paced, international environment.

Gustavo Rapaport Kiwano Marketing sustainable marketing referral
Gustavo Rapaport

Sofia is a top marketing professional who can properly relate prospects’ business needs with the products and solution she wants to promote. She uses a hands-on approach to produce immediate results. Excellent team player and a pleasure to work with.

Erica Mazerolle Kiwano Marketing sustainable marketing referral
Erica Mazerolle-Castillo

At once proactive and pragmatic, Sofia honed in our efforts to ensure a return on every resource spent and successfully delivered SDG Factory, an intensive, 2-day multi-stakeholder workshop to innovate in the topics of waste, gender equality, impact measurement and partnerships combining multinationals with social entrepreneurs. Sofia is very reliable and always asks the right questions ahead of time.

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